Linda Dounia Rebeiz is an artist and designer who investigates the philosophical and environmental implications of technocapitalism. She is inspired by science fiction, speculative design, solarpunk, and degrowth. 

Her work mediates her memories as alternative truths and evidence of excluded ways of being and doing. It is formed through the dialogue (and tensions) between analogue and digital mediums. 

In 2023, Linda was recognized on the TIMEAI100 list of most influential people in AI for her work on speculative archiving – building AI models that help us remember what we have lost. 


Machine Hallucinations + Generative Collage

DES CHOSES™ is a flash fiction experiment which explores love and loss in a relationship between human and machine. In a series of postcards divided in 11 chapters, we learn about two entities, intertwined then estranged. The story also unfolds in the abstract landscapes and environments in each postcard, giving us hints about where the lovers might have been when they wrote to each other.

This body of work was produced using a procedural approach of 5 stages. First, the worlds (central shapes) were mapped out and outlined using a vector drawing tool. Second, the textures were produced through generative AI, using prompts. Third, the story was written by the artist and a generative AI model trained to impersonate one of the characters. Fourth, the typographic composition was developped, printed on recovered paper waste, and scanned for a gritty and nostalgic feel to match the theme of the story. Finally, all elements were used to create the final compositions.

The collection was commissioned by Proof as part of the Diamond Exhibition.